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Dolly Sticks: It looks like ice cream, tastes like cake.

I stumbled upon Dolly and her table of treats at Coal Drops Yard. Cute little ice cream look-a-likes made of cake dipped in chocolate, some of them filled with ganache, caramel or buttercream. Along with what looked like

frozen custard by Secret Nicky's

Frozen Custard comes to Covent Garden

Frozen Custard is like a cross between ice cream and gelato. It is a milk and cream base with egg yolks, rather than whole eggs, but the important factor is that it also …

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How to find Delicious Food in London and beyond?

Jennifer Earle

Read the recent posts to get inspiration for what to try now. Or, if you’re curious about a particular brand or a part of London, use the search function at the bottom of each page to see if I’ve written about it yet.

Or, join me on a food tour!

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Why would you want Jennifer Earle’s food recommendations?

Food has been my main profession for more than 15 years.

Jen eating chiffon cake - the next delicious thing

I’m a Grand Jury member of the Academy of Chocolate Awards and a specialist judge for the Great Taste Awards, The International Chocolate Awards, the Quality Food Awards and others. I used to get paid to design food – or reject it! – for the UK head offices of international retailers.

I’ve been running food tours of London for more than 16 years and everywhere I go I spend days researching where the best places to eat are, and have been known to spend over £100 just in bakeries and patisseries in a three-day period.

I’ll be sharing what I’m eating when I’m at home in London, and what I’m eating when I visit somewhere new. Sometimes I’m given things to try. I’ll only share them with you if I recommend them and I’ll make sure it’s clear if they were a gift.

Are you hungry now?

Each week on a Wednesday I’ll share the most delicious things I tried in the previous week. These will mostly be chocolate, pastries and desserts, but restaurant meals, recipes and things available by post, too.

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