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Listen to weekly shallow dives into food science and history and delicious recommendations, based on food and drink Jen’s encountered recently.

Season 1 ended on 3 August 2022. Season 2 is coming later in 2022 with episodes diving into the history, nuances and production of croissants, babka and more. Jen will be joined by experts and the podcasts will be available on YouTube as well.

In the meantime you can join Jen on a tour of London’s best food spots in person or follow along and see more reviews on Instagram and TikTok.

What’s worth eating in London and beyond and what’s the story behind them?

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Food Waste in the UK

15 Easy Ways To Reduce Food Waste in London

n this week’s podcast (also on YouTube) I chat to my friend Chloë Stewart, the founder of Nibsetc, a company which upcycles food waste into delicious, nutritious snacks, about what we can do to help combat food waste.

Paris Brest at Angelo Musa Patisserie by Jennifer Earle

Harrod’s Newest Patisserie: Angelo Musa

On Thursday 14th July award-winning pastry chef Angelo Musa opened his eponymous patisserie on the 4th floor of Harrods and I was lucky enough to go to the preview.

Turkish mezze: aubergines, hummus and muhammara

5 of the Best Restaurants in Istanbul

These are the 5 best restaurants in Istanbul I went to in July 2022. One of them we even went to twice. Interestingly it was noticeably better at lunch than dinner, but still great. And two of the five restaurants will be opening in London this year!

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How to find Delicious Food in London and beyond?

Jennifer Earle

Read the recent posts to get inspiration for what to try now. Or, if you’re curious about a particular brand or a part of London, use the search function at the bottom of each page to see if I’ve written about it yet.

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Why would you want Jennifer Earle’s food recommendations?

Food has been my main profession for more than 16 years.

Jen eating chiffon cake - the next delicious thing

I’m a Grand Jury member of the Academy of Chocolate Awards and a specialist judge for the Great Taste Awards, The International Chocolate Awards, the Quality Food Awards and others. I used to get paid to design and select food – or reject it! – for the UK head offices of international retailers.

I’ve been running food tours of London for more than 16 years and everywhere I go I spend days researching where the best places to eat are, and have been known to spend over £100 just in bakeries and patisseries in a three-day period.

I’ll be sharing what I’m eating when I’m at home in London, and what I’m eating when I visit somewhere new. Sometimes I’m given things to try. I’ll only share them with you if I recommend them and I’ll make sure it’s clear if they were a gift.

Are you hungry now?

Each week on a Wednesday I’ll share the most delicious things I tried in the previous week. These will mostly be chocolate, pastries and desserts, but restaurant meals, recipes and things available by post, too.

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