Top 5 Foods – Sunday 11th March 2018

I taste so many delicious things I wanted to keep track of the best I was tasting for my own records and to share with other food lovers.


Here goes…



  1. Sugo and aubergine on sourdough by Strazzanti at Seventeen 0 Seven this one was technically last Sunday, but as this is the first email and it was so delicious, I want you to know about it.  Sugo is a slow-cooked tomato sauce that was the base for the baked egg dishes. Both the “Nina€ and the “Sophia€ that I tried were gorgeous (though I had mine without the eggs!).  Emilia is a friend and she’ll be cooking there every weekend until the end of August. Seventeen 0 Seven is where we’ll be hosting the Taste Tripper Charity Brunches.
  2. Chocolate Rye Cookie (photo here) from new bakery Fortitude Bakehouse, made with Pump Street Chocolate. This bakery just opened.  Everything is fermented in some way (mostly sourdough). This was EXCELLENT. I’m going back soon.
  3. Vegan strawberry cake from TAP Coffee. It was a little sweet, but you’d never know it was vegan. They make all their baked treats in house and they change all the time. There’s always something gluten free and vegan so worth visiting if you’re with someone with those requirements (the coffee is excellent, too).
  4. Crab Mac & Cheese and Toasted Milk Parfait at Claw. These were my favourite of a selection of dishes here at their permanent Kingly Street restaurant.  The parfait was actually my friend’s dessert. I ate most of it! 🙈 The gingersnaps on it were impossible to stop eating.
  5. Merah Putih X 10 Greek Street weekend residency.  This was a two day visit that’s finished now (sorry!) but at our dinner last night I was reminded just how fabulous the savoury food at Merah Putih in Bali was.  If you ever go to Bali please check it out; the décor is pretty extraordinary inside, too. Based on last night’s food and excellent service I’ll be going back to 10 Greek Street again soon, too.

* None of these were sponsored and I paid for everything in this list (though Emilia did give me a friend’s/soft launch discount!).


I’ve got research to do for an Easter tour I’ll be leading for a large food supplier, I’ll be going out for three lunches, four dinners and three breakfasts (!) and doing some Academy of Chocolate judging on Saturday.  It could be interesting trying to narrow down next week’s choices! I should probably try to narrow them down whilst doing some kind of exercise… 😨

Until then, I hope you have a great week!.


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