Top 5 Foods – Sunday 1st April 2018

The Easter long weekend has thrown me off!  Here I am, a day late, sorry. 🙈 I hope you had some delicious chocolate. Somehow my Easter egg consumption this year was only the mini eggs on some Ottolenghi cakes my mother-in-law made. The cakes were delicious.

WEEK 4 ending Sunday 1st April 2018

  1. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know the most dramatic thing I ate this week was a white chocolate duck at Duck & Waffle.  It rested on biscuit crumbs and was melted with hot salted caramel sauce to reveal chocolate brownie chunks, a mint white chocolate mousse and a chocolate cremeaux.  I was surprised to find salted caramel paired with mint chocolate, but both helped to balance the large quantity of white chocolate. It was all perfectly harmonious together. I may or may not have scraped the remaining salted caramel out of the jug with a spoon…
  2. On Monday after my chocolate tour I scooted up to Camden Market and had a vegan lentil curry pie by The Young Vegans. The pastry was crispy and the filling hearty and lightly spiced, served with mash, rocket and gravy. Perfect vegan comfort food.
  3. We tried so many fabulous breakfast dishes on the breakfast food trends tour I led on Tuesday.  A definitely highlight was the savoury porridge at 26 Grains with spinach, sriracha, avocado and an egg.  There was some bite to the oatmeal and it felt thoroughly nourishing.
  4. Also on the tour we picked up a bag of Tomato Salsa-flavoured Avocado Chips at Selfridges by Temole Foods. The first ingredient on the list is actually avocado! They tasted like a slightly healthier and less corn-intense corn chip.
  5. Eat By Chloe, a plant-based fast food restaurant, arrived in London this winter from the US. It’s famous for its founder fallout, but also for the burger which my food friends and I weren’t especially impressed by.  Nor were the tofu and chips or mac’n’cheese worth returning for unless you’re specifically looking for plant-based food.  The taco salad, however, I’d definitely go back for.  It was thankfully a decent portion for a pricey £9.95. The spicy seitan was really flavourful and the quinoa, beans and avocado made it properly filling.

This week I’m down to judge four sessions of bean-to-bar chocolate for the Academy of Chocolate, and guide two Mayfair tours. It shall be an even more chocolatey week than usual!


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