5 Most Interesting Foods – Sunday 6th May 2018 – London and Spain

On the road again! I’m writing to you from a quaint hotel in Andalucia. I did a lot of clearing of the freezer this week before we left. Then but ended up making more soup and curry to put back into it (in its new home in our lounge) because we’ll have no hob for four months.  I went out more often than I planned, too.

A chocolatey week…

  1. A decadent chocolate cake with a hot chocolate coffee sauce and light cream at the Ivy Brasserie in Kensington. A bit decadent at £7.95 fora lunchtime dessert but thoroughly worth it.
  2. Hot bomboloni at a press preview at Canova Hall in Brixton. I’m sure I went in the building when it was a department store. Now it’s a beautiful, industrially decked out restaurant serving fantastic pizza (including a great vegan one!). For May, June and then July they’re offering boozy sauces to dunk the piping hot doughnuts in. My favourite was July’s Gin and Lavender Custard.  The others were Rum Salted Caramel and Negroni Popping Candy which was more like a frosting.
  3. Another press preview on Wednesday was to taste Godiva’s new Cities range.  The best of these was the Shanghai Lychee chocolate. A dark chocolate shell with a bright, thin ganache and a white chocolate top.
  4. Post wedding ceremony yesterday my first Spanish treat was a refreshing gazpacho.
  5. The bride had made brownies with chocolate she’d made herself from the Honduras-grown cocoa beans and they were fudgy and properly chocolate and perfect served with fresh berries and berry sorbet for the wedding breakfast dessert. The recipe is for 200g chocolate, 140g butter (melt together), 230g sugar beaten in before it cools. Whisk in 2 eggs and one egg yolk (beaten). Gently stir through a pinch of salt and 100g flour and bake at 180 degrees for 40 minutes.

Two more days in Spain to attack some tapas…

Hasta la proxima,

Jen xx

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