5 Most Interesting Foods – Sunday 27th May 2018


  1. Delamina’s menu was much the same as its sister restaurant Strut & Cluck.  I didn’t leave space for dessert, sadly, but my favourite dish was Grilled Courgettes two ways with crispy onions, pine kernels and labneh drizzle. If everyone could make vegetables taste this good we’d have better luck at reducing people’s meat intake.
  2. On Wednesday I made the long journey to Crystal Palace and ate at 4 Hundred Rabbits.  The pizza was excellent – and vegan! No fake cheese, just seriously delicious toppings.  I might have dipped my crusts in the blue cheese (not vegan!) sauce that you can order as an extra.
  3. The Chocolate Dinner was a success! If anything, I think it could have contained a little more chocolate. ๐Ÿ˜€ I would say that! They loved the chocolate experience I guided them through and of all the savoury things.  The guests’ favourite seemed to be the white chocolate discs with caviar. These were served at the beginning with champagne. A very extravagant combination, but it did work really well. And, of course, this was in a private members’ club.  My favourite dish was a roasted cauliflower risotto with pickled shimeji mushrooms and an agar chocolate disc.
  4. At a friend’s party last night at Timmy Green there was a buffet of incredible food. It was all wonderful but the barbequed aubergine and kale with a miso, tahini, coconut dressing, was particularly delicious.
  5. The cake was a three-tiered extravaganze by The Sweet Tooth Factory.  My favourite layer was a fudgy chocolate cake sliced through the middle and spread with a coffee butter cream and a crunchy hazelnut and wafer praline.  Feuilletine is my addiction.  Despite leading a Sweet Treats Tour today I just polished off the piece I took home from the party.  ๐Ÿ˜€

This week I’ll be checking out two new restaurants:  Lina Stores Restaurant, from the people behind Lina Stores, one of our Taste Tripper locals’ favourite food shops, and Ruya, which is coming over from Dubai.

I hope you enjoy the rest of this long weekend!

Writing these things I have eaten down every week makes it obvious how insanely indulgent my life is these days.  But food is what excites me most and therefore what I spend most of my time thinking about and most of my spare cash (and then some! ) on.  I hope that me sharing what I’ve enjoyed most helps you spend your money more deliciously.



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