5 Most Interesting Foods – Sunday 3rd June – pastries and new London restaurants

  1. Top of my mind is the brunch I had today at Lyle’s London – a special one-off event initiated by their incredible pastry chef Anna Higham to raise money for Breast Cancer Research.  The two pastries we started with – a cherry blossom danish and a chocolate (using Pump Street chocolate) morning bun were so wonderful I wish I could eat them every day.  You usually can find a pastry available at their coffee counter (to have there or take away).  I’m going to start making more regular stops.
  2. On the topic of pastry, I finally went to Patisserie Sainte Anne in Hammersmith.  Wow.  Their Chocolate Almond Croissant was divine and the bread, canele and hazelnut pistachio dessert were all beautifully made and balanced as well.
  3. From my dinner on Monday at newly-opened Lina Stores Restaurant my favourite item was their cherry almond frangipane tart. It was so moist with a lovely crisp base.
  4. The other newly-opened restaurant I went to with (some of) the fabulous team from Nudge PR was Ruya.  Every Turkish/Israeli inspired dish was beautiful to look and fabulous tasting.  The burnt watermelon salad was particularly striking.
  5. The other totally flavourful and astounding dish I tried this week was a version of Ajo Blanco made by Tom Hunt at a Vitamix demonstration evening.  Made with hazelnuts, stale bread, good olive oil and garlic and topped with rhubarb it was something I’m definitely going to recreate at home.  If you’d like the recipe I’ll be getting it this week so I can pass it on to you. Just reply and let me know!

This week I’m going to Band of Bakers, a community baking club and I’ll also be heading back to Fodder with friends, it’s so good.  I can’t wait.

And don’t forget Taste of London starts on the 13th June!

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