5 Most Interesting Foods – Sunday 10th June

On Friday my social media feeds were full of Anthony Bourdain. A reminder that you never really know what’s going on for people.  One of the most poignant quotes that came up was not the food related ones, but this:

“As you move through life and this world you change things slightly, you leave marks behind, however small.  And in return life – and travel – leaves marks on you.  Most of the time, those marks – on your body or on your heart – are beautiful. Often though, they hurt.”

I hope that you and yours are all ok.

  1. On Monday I went to Where The Pancakes Are and was really impressed by their vegan pancakes. You’d never know they were vegan.
  2. I came across a bakery in London Bridge station that’s apparently been there for over a year but I’ve never walked that way in that time.  It’s called Marley’s Cupcakes and they sell teeny tiny tasty cakes which are surprisingly moist and would be perfect for sweet canapes.  Marley also sells a chocolate chip cookie which is like eating straight up cookie dough.
  3. At Band of Bakers on Wednesday the standout bake that no one could stop eating was a cheesy garlic bread made with mozzarella and more than a packet of butter. Recipe thankfully is here. I’m 100% making this once we have a kitchen again.
  4. I had the best coffee I’ve had in ages from The Gentlemen Baristas new store by Borough Market. I had another (decaf this time) at their Jerwood Space location shortly afterwards with an excellent gluten free orange cake. This was an oat milk latte. I’m glad that all of the locations are now included in the London Coffee Explorer Pack.
  5. I went back to Fodder and my favourite thing was their version of a Feast ice cream made with Jerusalem artichoke.  They’re at Great Guns Social until June 22nd. I’d definitely recommend the tasting menu over a la carte.

I’ll be at Taste of London for the press opening evening on Wednesday so keep an eye on my Instagram stories if you’re going or feel free to message me for recommendations!

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