5 Foods I Ate This Week – Sunday 22nd July 2018 – the one with all the brownies

As I was writing this week’s round up I realised I’ve eaten ALL THE BROWNIES this week.  I included a separate summary of those below, in addition to a list of other recommendations.

  1. This morning I was thrilled to discover the Gado Gado dish at Buhler & Co, a vegetarian café in Walthamstow that’s rightfully, as I discovered today won a ton of awards.  The twist on the Indonesian salad was incredible with fried new potatoes, crispy onions, greens, salad and smothered in fabulous satay sauce.  Even the avocado toast that the husband got was next level good with the addition of dukkah and picked onions.
  2. On Wednesday I ate fabulous Japanese snacks at Ukai and drank too much champagne on Portobello Road to celebrate my friend not just competing her MBA but receiving a special award for the highest marks! The chilli tofu and crispy tempura vegetables were especially excellent. The first of three foodie gatherings this week where I didn’t take a single photo!
  3. Lunch at the newly opened Fitzrovia branch of Caravan‘s soft launch was so good I almost went back for breakfast the next morning (admin at my desk won, sadly).   The pan-fried turnip cake with tahini black vinegar, radish, chilli relish and sweet soy sung with flavour. It’s all about the small plates there. Go with friends who like to share.
  4. I discovered just how good it is to make friends with chefs when the lovely Toral invited me and other women running their own businesses for lunch at her home. I feel so lucky to have these women as my “support group” but especially thrilled that they’re all excellent cooks. Toral made gorgeous chilled soup, salads and open sandwiches and followed it up with a vegan chocolate mousse from Chantelle Nicholson’s book Planted which was actually the best mousse I’ve ever eaten (sorry, mum).  Meredith also brought delicious tahini brownies she’d baked from Sweet by Helen Goh & Yottam Ottolenghi.
  5. The following morning after more prosecco than I needed at our Taste Tripper event with Rococo (the bottle needed finishing!) I ate Chloë’s excellent granola that’s packed full of fibre and nutrients because it uses the pulp from juice makers in cafes across London.  Finally a granola that isn’t insanely sugary.  You can find Nibs Etc at Borough Market on Monday’s, via Farmdrop and in selected food stores.  Full disclosure: Chloë is the fourth in our women foodpreneurs’ group.  I would heartily recommend her products to you regardless.

BROWNIES: Apart from the excellent, aforementioned one made by Meredith, Hazel shared her a piece of homemade single origin one with me and, oh my, it was glorious, I’ll be begging her for the recipe once the kitchen is complete.  I ate several neatly-cut pieces of Paul A Young’s caramelised milk chocolate and pecan brownie on Friday night (still my favourite of his). Yesterday I bought and devoured an excellent vegan brownie with berries from Luminary Bakery.  And today I took another tahini brownie (this time with walnuts) home from brunch at Buhler and Co. I am basically 45% brownie right now.

Elizabeth of EK Bakery has kindly offered to make me a bespoke batch of brownies with any flavour I would like.  I’m thinking raspberries and white chocolate chunks at the moment… but I would love to hear your suggestions!

Until next Sunday… I hope you have a great week!

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