5 Best Foods I Ate This Week – Sunday 19th August 2018 – afternoon tea recommendations

What a week.  It’s the end of Afternoon Tea Week and I made it to another three this week!

  1. The number one most delicious thing I tried this week was a hand-painted wild strawberry macaron with a lime mousseline that was part of the Chelsea Physic Garden-inspired tea at the Four Seasons on Park Lane.  It was exquisite. The chocolate tart was divine too and everything else was really impressive. I was a guest of Duyku and Jing Tea who have launched wonderful new fruit teas.
  2. Our little local, under-the-arches café Tromso make a Welsh Rarebit toastie which is so deliciously comforting we’ve had it twice this weekend. It’s made with The Bread Station sourdough. In E7 it’s probably a little out of the way for most people but it’s very cute and I like spreading the word about owner-operated businesses.
  3. At One Aldwych Hotel I had the most creative Charlie & The Chocolate Factory-themed tea (how could I say no to that invitation?!). There were five Canton teas we were invited to try paired with different foods. The warm cheddar scone with bacon jam and a chocolate tea was inspired.  The chocolate tea was delicate and actually like chocolate and tea not vanilla-heavy like so many are. My favourite thing from that tea was the chewy chocolate financiers. I could have eaten so many of them! I might see if there’s a way for the hotel to sell them separately…
  4. I popped into the Gunpowder Tower Bridge soft launch and ordered half the menu. My favourite was the roasted broccoli and the wonderful rum bread and butter pudding with a light custard.  I was so full but I couldn’t stop eating it.
  5. Yesterday I was invited to a blogger’s picnic and was thoroughly impressed by Franklin & Son’s Apple & Rhubarb fizzy drink. I actually don’t normally drink anything with sugar (unless it contains chocolate!) , but this was really refreshing, although I still didn’t finish it. Instead I ate my sugar in the form a Peggy Porschen cake and a surprisingly delicious cookie with lavender icing.

Ummm, yes, there’s two things at every number. Oops. 🙂 They are all worth seeking out, I promise!

Just wondering, would you prefer it if I included the pictures in the email?

Until next week!

Jen x

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