5 Best Foods I Ate This Week – Sunday 2nd September 2018

I hope you’ve had a good week? As well as my usual overload of eating I’ve been making lots of decisions on the kitchen. It was due to be finished by now but it looks like it’ll the end of September instead. The builders are off the next two weeks so there’s that, but we’re also waiting on some windows and worktops and I still haven’t finalised the oven… there’s a 110cm gap waiting for a range though!

To the eating…

1. After today’s Sweet Treats Adventure I bought a vegan gyros from The Athenian, made with seitan. It was recommended by the vegetarian staff member and it was delicious. The housemade pita bread for their wraps is so fluffy and the aubergine dip they use as a sauce is perfect. Perfect fast food.

2. During the tour I tried R Chocolate‘s excellent hazelnut praline – it makes such a difference when chocolate are made with proper chocolate like the Original Beans that they use.

3. Paul A Young has a new range of “Indian Summer” chocolates and the peshwari naan is extraordinary in how it contains raisins, coconut and buttery naan all in two bites. The tamarind caramel is probably my favourite, but they are all superbly crafted.

4. I received EK Bakery‘s brownies – I went with white chocolate and raspberry – and they were fudgy, chocolatey and delicious. Elizabeth makes bespoke orders that fit as perfect gifts through the letterbox and look beautiful, too. They were a gift, but if I didn’t like them I wouldn’t tell you about them! 😀

5. Taco Dave had a residency at our local restaurant in the arches. Authentic tasting tacos with really flavour-packed fillings.

If you ever have any questions about these, please ask!

Also noteworthy this week were excellent dahl at Mare St Market, a really tasty roasted cauliflower salad from High Mood Food, a great brunch at Berners Tavern, fab avocado on toast and coffee at Under Over Coffee, a vegan arepa chip butty in Pop Brixton, excellent noodles at Okan in Brixton Market and vegan mousse made by Chantelle Nicholson during a demonstration at the British Library.

This week I’m heading to Speciality Food Fair and leading an innovation tour which means in the next two days alone I’ll probably be trying more than 100 different things. No idea how I’ll narrow it down to just five next Sunday!

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