5 Best Foods I Ate This Week – Sunday 16th September 2018 – mostly dessert

The worktops went in our kitchen this week. Not much longer now!  Yesterday I went as my Mum’s date to watch her 69 year old friend get married for the first time. It was so lovely to see them so radiant and in love. Tomorrow will be less happier as we attend a funeral which my brothers have flown in for as well. The positive is all being together which is rare when we live across three countries.

1. A definite highlight this week was previewing Pierre Marcolini’s Christmas range and his collection with Victoria Beckham. Yes, Victoria Beckham.  A range of heart-shaped chocolates.  Described as having less sugar they were made with white chocolate so still quite sweet, but lovely.  My favourite thing was is chocolate feuilletine cake.

2. Before my full day tour of cake I wanted to try the offering at Nobu Hotel and Patisserie in Shoreditch so I went with my friend Lani. We tried a squidgy gluten-free and dairy-free miso muffin (couldn’t detect the miso but it was tasty) and an excellent matcha eclair.

3. On Monday I went to the first Countertalk female chef pop up with Milli Taylor as the chef.  I requested the vegetarian option but I tried the slow-cooked lamb and it was incredible, as were the mound of slow-cooked potatoes that accompanied them. Ravneet Gill made THREE extremely indulgent desserts to follow: an uber-light brown butter and honey tart, the creamiest ever rice pudding with figs, and a chocolate coffee mousse. I haven’t been so full in quite a while.

4. I went to try Bengali restaurant Little Kolkata during its soft launch in Covent Garden. It’s not really a place to eat alone as the dishes are better shared but I’d love to return for more.  The Gariahater Ghugni Chaat (spicy lentils with tamarind) was very good.

5. I was invited to try a pop up dessert-only restaurant so I took my mum. She loved everything. I love the idea and was impressed the pineapple sorbet starter with the compressed pineapple, it was very zingy. I can definitely see the concept working full time in a location near theatres and with some hot puddings on offer, too.

Do let me know if you have any recommendations for places you love! Hope you have a week of sunshine.

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