The Best 6 Things I Ate This Week – Sunday 28th October 2018 – London & Stockbridge

I promised I’d tell you about the special tour last Monday: it was a proposal! A private tour that ended with me presenting bars from Le Jeune Chocolatiers that had been arranged with Jamie. The words on them implied a proposal and as she looked up he had a ring box out.  It was so touching and such an honour to be involved.

1. I started the week with afternoon tea at The Wolseley. One of my most favourite rooms in London.  I was invited to try the chocolate tea. Other than all the desserts being chocolate-themed (hurrah!) it was a very traditional and excellently made afternoon tea.  The scones were fabulous and the chocolate caramel macaron was my favourite of all the very good desserts.

2. On Tuesday I ate cake almost all day long – for another client. One of the highlights was The Good Egg’s tahini and halva brownie. Another highlight was the chocolate cherry patisserie from Le Cordon Bleu’s cafe.  I really should visit there more often.

3. In the evening I finally went to Max’s Sandwich Shop. It was the launch of his Tabasco collaboration Christmas hangover sandwich: bloody mary ketchup, fried turkey, egg, turkey gravy mayo, crisps and lettuce in a soft focaccia bun. I only tried the veggie version made with a stuffing patty but it was delicious. Exactly what I needed after a day of cake, but I’d go back any day.

4. I was treated to a stay at The Greyhound on The Test in Stockbridge.  It’s a really sweet little pub with beautiful rooms in a cute town.  They put a lot of care and attention into their food. I am always a sucker for a place with great bread and theirs – from Hoxton Bakery in Portsmouth – was perfect, and even better with their truffle butter. Dessert of banana parfait, chocolate mousse and cocoa nib brittle was also brilliant.

5. On Thursday I went to watch my friend Chloe pitch (and win!) at a We Work Creators event. Before she pitched we ate food from all the Kerb traders that were there. Highlights were definitely the bao from Eat Chay and the curry from Greedy Khao.

6. Back to brunch again this weekend, this time at Spuntino.  It has been years since I’ve eaten there. It’s sometimes easy to forget the older places.  The eggplant ragu was so hearty and delicious and the French Toast and Dutch Baby to follow were also great. It’s really well-priced and so central.  I also really like sitting at the bar and eating their popcorn. I was invited here too, but I’m definitely going back.

This week I’m off to Paris for 30 hours for Salon du Chocolat and a general exploration of patisserie. If you have any recommendations, please let me know!

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