Top 5 Foods – Sunday 25th March 2018

This week was definitely less eventful than last week, but still included delicious food. 🙂

I’m heading to San Francisco on April 12th so if you have any recommendations please let me know!

WEEK ending Sunday 25th March 2018

  1. Excellent avocado on toast and pancakes along with perfectly-made matcha at TAB X TAB on Westbourne Grove.
  2. A brilliant lunch at Lyle’s London with my friend who is a font of all knowledge on fermentation. The reductions or dressings that accompany all of the dishes at Lyle’s are all so flavourful, as is the house-baked bread.
  3. Wonderful chocolate tiffin made by my friend Henrietta Inman for her book launch The Natural Baker.  Henrietta has Michelin-starred restaurant experience as a pastry chef and a super skill for using more natural ingredients in her baking. Once we’ve got a new kitchen I’m definitely getting her book (all books are getting packed soon for the destruction!).
  4. A perfectly made crepe with Valrhona Caramelia chocolate buttons folded inside and then smothered with more caramelia crepe at a “French Afternoon Tea€ put on by Business France. It might even be better than just lemon and sugar.
  5. The most ridiculous pile of pancakes topped with an Easter Egg and layered with cream and mini eggs at the Polo Bar opposite Liverpool Street station.  I was invited and tried this, their hot chocolate and a stack of hot cross buns layered with The Marshmallowist’s marshmallows for free. They were all ridiculous to look at but tasted better than their novelty value would suggest. If you have kids or kids-at-heart to go with I’d definitely try to get there in the next week to share it.

I’m leading a full day tour of breakfast items this week so I suspect there will be a few interesting things to report on next Sunday!

I hope you have a great and short week!


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