Alfajores, Chocolate, a vegan cookie recommendation and Hot Cross Bun Ice Cream! – w/e 28th March 2021

  1. Sur Chocolates sent me their incredible chocolate coated alfajores.
  2. I bought Hackney Gelato‘s seasonal Hot Cross Bun Gelato on food writer Neil Davey’s recommendation. It was an excellent recommendation.
  3. London-based, new bean to bar maker Contour Chocolate has unique and beautiful packaging. My favourite was the passionfruit milk chocolate discs. (gift)
  4. My lovely friends at Dormouse Chocolates sent me their limited edition bars and the “Egg on Toast” with white chocolate and peach-flavoured white chocolate on top of their sourdough bread (crumbs) and butter and milk chocolate bar was eaten in bed and gone in sixty seconds.
  5. I made Richard Makin’s vegan chocolate chip cookies that are a veganised version of Edd Kimber’s Ultimate Chocolate Chip cookie recipe and they were sensational.

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