Hot chocolate, a Canele and a Tea Bun X Cinnamon Bun hybrid – w/e 18th April 2021

  1. I’ve been wanting to visit Rye’s dedicated Hot Chocolate Cafe, Knoops, for years so was delighted to discover they’ve opened in London. I love that they’re using real chocolate and have lots of different origins and percentages.
  2. Babelle make some of the best canele in London. The owner is French, of course. Find them at markets and in coffee shops or order online. I bought one this week from my local fill-your-own store.
  3. Two local bakers – the owners of my local cafe Tromso and a lockdown home baker – created a Tea Bun X Cinnamon Bun mash up that I had to try. It was brilliant. Better than both of them originally, in my opinion!

*  I bought all of these items.

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