Two bakeries, a patisserie and fancy chocolates – w/e 9th May 2021

Generous friends we haven’t seen since before Maya came to visit with gifts.

  1. The Laduree lemon tart was zingingly fresh with the thinnest crisp shell and covered in the freshest raspberries my daughter insisted on eating all of.
  2. Pierre Marcolini buck the trend with their single-bite truffles. Their single origin ones are a great way to notice differences in cocoa, they’re also delicious.

Maya and I also went to visit two bakeries:

  1. My first visit to Arôme’s permanent site in Covent Garden with Maya’s godmother to try all the pastries (we also went to Floozie cookies). The banana chocolate croissant was a hug in puddingy pastry form.
  2. On Sunday as a family date to try Casey’s in Clapton. One of the best cinnamon buns I’ve ever had. Soft and still-warm and so satisfying.
  3. Their brownie – made with Land Chocolate – also deserves a mention.

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