Possibly the BEST thing I’ve eaten this year, and so many other good things, patisserie and chocolate, many with Asian twists, and lunch at Little Duck – w/e 4th July 2021

  1. Bare Cacao (gift)
  2. Yuzu Sakura moussecake from Tsujuri
  3. Mochi from Sakurado
  4. Le Bonheur praline
  5. Harrods bread & butter bar and praline bar.
  6. Rice Pudding and Miso Caramel Cruffin from Café Kitsune
  7. Little Duck lunch
  8. Lunch at Carnaby St
  9. Breid chocolate passionfruit meringue tart
  10. Chocolate and custard swirl at Flour & Flowers
  11. Pain au Chocolat from Morny Bakehouse and the Cheesecake Brownie
  12. Pastel de Nata from Holtwhites Bakery

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