Frog Bakery pop up and gelato in London plus a bakery in the middle of Wales – w/e 18th July 2021

  1. Truly brilliant vegan chocolate cake and apricot frangipane tart amongst other delicious things at Frog Bakery popping up on Mondays at the Platform Café by Loughborough Junction station.
  2. Dulce de leche gelato and vegan passionfruit gelato from 12 degrees in Herne Hill station.
  3. Trials of the chocolate quesadilla I’m creating with the Casa Calavera team
  4. Chocolate brioche from La Bakerie in Wanstead.
  5. Our friends cooked dinner for us from Dishoom’s cook book and it was brilliant. I don’t have the book but they recommend it and based on the meal I ate, I do too!
  6. Cinnamon buns from Andy’s Bread in Llanidloesin Wales.

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