7 of the Most Delicious Things in Edinburgh

Edinburgh on 1st September 2021

I had a list of more than 15 places but only six hours… I’m going to need to go back! One of these wasn’t on my list Red Kite Café but ended up being the location of one of the best things I bought. I bought much more than you can see here but these are the ones I recommend you get if you go to Edinburgh:

  1. Raspberry & Pistachio Cruffin from Bostock Bakery
  2. Both the brownie and the blondie from Twelve Triangles were excellent 
  3. Cranachan Éclair from Écosse Éclair
  4. Paris Brest from Red Kite Café
  5. Vegan Passionfruit Ice Cream Doughnut Sandwich from Considerit
  6. Cookie from 101 Bakery

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