Bristol Bakery Highlights w/c 26th September

Bristol Bakery Highlights w/c 26th September

Chocolate and Hazelnut Choux from Choux Station caramel, praline and chocolate ganache, topped with caramelised hazelnuts. Absolute perfection. I also tried the Solero and Raspberry White Chocolate but this was the one for me.

Raspberry & Passionfruit Doughnut from Pinkman’s. ST UK Top 25 bakeries. Certainty of the guy that this was the one. He was so right. One of the best doughnuts I’ve ever eaten. First bite felt a little greasy but quickly forgotten by the quality of the filling and the exact right texture and level of sweetness of the dough. I demolished the whole thing despite wondering if I’d ever eat another sweet thing on the back of 30+ items purchased the previous day.

Caramel Tart from Lockdown Loaves. So upset not to make the drive out to the actual shop but relieved at least to make it to their one stockist in Clifton. A phenomanl tart, it felt like a restaurant dessert. Silky, silky custard of the flan variety with the most deliciously thin pastry.

Special mention to the chocolate chip cookie from Landrace which is the best chocolate chip cookie I’ve had in recent memory.

Choux bun and cheddar scone from Farro

Lemon Curd Danish and PAC from Bakers & Co

Caramel Blondie from Fed 303

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