I baked! (from a box) plus Gaya’s bakery and Japan House visits. w/e Sunday 7th November

cupcakes at Gaya Cafe
  • A press visit to Japan House for the most delicious chiffon cake and an incredible Ume Syrup – £24 a bottle so you’ll probably need to come up with a really good reason to use it but it was incredible – sweets in drinkable form, sour, sharp and delicious.
  • I made the Violet Bakery brownies courtesy of the Cookschool Club box. Maya’s first baking adventure.
  • Chocolate almond croissant and tiramisu cupcake from Gaya’s
  • KI NO BI Gin from the Japan House event, too – I was in Kyoto as this was being set up, back in 2017, but too soon to try the gin. I loved being able to try it finally! And it was great.

More details on the podcast!

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