November’s Chocolate Tasting, Restaurant Show at Excel and Balance Festival at the Truman Brewery. w/e 14th November

Flor de Madre remedio naturale

Bear with me, there’s a LONG list here. That’s what happens when you visit festivals and shows with food producers!

It was also the week of the November Mystery Chocolate Tasting!

  • I loved ALL of Mikkel Friis-Holm’s chocolates he provided for this month’s tasting but I think my favourite was the sloe gin, or possibly the rose and geranium. I don’t normally (actually, would never) choose a fondant-filled chocolate, but these were outstanding, sufficiently sharp to counteract the sugar and balanced perfectly with the La Dalia 70% shells.
2021 11 Friis Holm Chocolates
Friis Holm Chocolates for the Chocolate Ecstasy Tours Mystery Chocolate Tasting in November 2021
Friis Holm Chocolate Fondant
Friis Holm Chocolate Fondant

Highlights from The Restaurant & Takeaway Innovation Expo:

Highlights from Balance Festival

  • Moringa tea from Life of a Tree
  • Sweet’n’heat nuts from Karen’s Nuts – real sugar, great nuts, great spice
  • Sunhini – tahini but with sunflower seeds. I liked the pumpkin spice version.
  • Oh My Gum! Best plastic-free gum I’ve tried.
  • Exalt Cherry Bomb energy juice-based drink. Didn’t love the others which contained stevia but I’m hyper sensitive to it, they’d be good for people who aren’t. This cherry one is great for anyone!
  • Vegan hot dog from Beyond Meat
  • Gusto flavoured apple crisps – I especially loved the mango and pineapple experiment
  • Turmermic tea (golden mylk) from Mumbai Railway Chai was fantastic, so was the chai
  • Flor de Madre ginger and lemon infusion and Agua de Madre delicious water kefirs. I love that the infusion was a way to use up waste.

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