Mince pies, cruffins, chocolate cakes and cookies! w/e Sunday 5th December 2021

Sourdough Sophia Passionfruit Cruffin in Crouch End London

  • The last Monday of November started with Mince Pie Gelato kindly delivered before 10am by the super people of Hackney Gelato. Perfectly-timed for a second breakfast with Meredith who’d stayed overnight and Chloe who had joined us for breakfast.

Then on Tuesday I went exploring:

Sourdough Sophia Passionfruit Cruffin in Crouch End London
Sourdough Sophia Passionfruit Cruffin
  • The Passionfruit Cruffin (click the link for the video – asmr pastry crackle perfection) from Sourdough Sophia was truly the thing of dreams. Crackly pastry and filled too oozing with zingy passionfruit custardy curd. Sophia’s panattone was also one of the best I’ve had. I love her commitment to using excellent ingredients, even if it means her margins are not as high as they could be. And the variety that the team produces out of a tiny space is phenomenal. Watch out for a second location in 2022!
Jen eating Big Jo Bakery Chocolate Guinness Cake

I promise I was more impressed than I look!

Jolene Chocolate Guinness Cake by Jennifer Earle
Chocolate Guinness Cake
  • The double-layered Chocolate Guinness Cake from Big Jo Bakery is what a classic chocolate cake should be: rich but not too rich, excellent frosting in just the right amounts, and a properly cakey crumb.
Rose Bakery London - November 2021 - chocolate praline cake
Rose Bakery Chocolate Praline Cake
  • But if you want an even richer and more decadent slice of chocolate cake then visit Rose Bakery at the top of Dover Street market for a smaller, single layer of gluten-free, almond-based, rich, rich chocolate cake with a whipped praline topping. Still a cake and not a brownie, but fabulously chocolatey and the praline layer is superb.  If your budget isn’t stretching to a £6 (plus service) slice of cake then collect a chocolate cookie to take away. Genuinely one of the best in town and filled with Valrhona chocolate.

  • On a tour we stopped at Tiger Cookies and I was reminded how great the pistachio-filled cookie cup is. A hidden secret in Mayfair.

  • I also finally opened by birthday gift from Beth of EK Bakery – Fig, Hazelnut and Pistachio chocolate biscotti. They were as good as everything she makes!

  • A shout out, too, to the Mince Pie Mochi from Little Moons in Selfridges. I know the casing is not for everyone but the mince pie ice cream inside was great – you could definitely taste the brandy.

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