December’s Mystery Chocolate Tasting, more chocolate, a passionfruit and coconut cake and excellent Indian food at home. w/e Sunday 12th December 2021

Chocolatia 2.0 Pecan Pie Chocolate
Chocolatia 2.0 Pecan Pie Chocolate
Pecan Pie chocolate
  • I got to share Chloe’s Pecan Pie chocolate with everyone! I always love how people enjoy different chocolates. The others we tasted were: Black Forest by Ellie Smith of Cocoa & Ginger, Blackberry Cream Cheese plus Lemon & Honey by Jade Boswell of Bitesize Bakehouse, Mandarin and Gingerbread by Louis Beckett, and a Caramel Truffle by Tim Fisher
December Mystery Tasting Chocolates by Chocolate Ecstasy Tours
December Mystery Tasting Chocolates
  • I was sent the Christmas selection from Sur Chocolates which promptly reminded me to buy some for my family for Christmas. These chocolate-covered alfajores are SO good. The Christmas selection included a walnut, hazelnut and almond alfajor with 33% white chocolate and dried fruits, a green apple cider alfajor with 47% milk chocolate and a fruity panattone alfajor with 70% dark chocolate.
Duffy's Chocolate Bars 65% with raspberry
  • I went to the Cocoa Runners Craft Chocolate market and bought myself Duffy’s 65% chocolate with raspberry. I never *need* to buy chocolates but I do like to get more of my favourites occasionally.

  • There’s a woman local to me called Sangita who makes the best Indian food. If you ever need catering in or near Forest Gate, hit her up!

  • After eyeing up Abigail’s stunning coconut and almond cake with passionfruit curd a few weeks ago, I finally got to try it this weekend. The business might be called Le Choux but she absolutely nails cakes as well. The texture and flavour on both the cake and curd were absolute perfection.

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