Chocolates with added health-giving ingredients, addictive chocolate cream biscuits and the best stollen I’ve ever tried. w/e Sunday 26th December 2021

Palm Chocolate Healthy Chocolates
Palm Chocolate Healthy Chocolates
  • A quiet week for new food discoveries but my lovely neighbor brought round some of her chocolates. The company is called Palm Chocolates and they only use dried fruit, nuts, natural super foods (hemp, flax, spirulina, etc) and 100% chocolate to make their treats. Brilliantly nutritious. The chocolate-covered dates in particular are very easy to love knowing they’re so good for you, too!

  • I took chocolate creams from The Painted Dog Bakehouse and stollen from Brunswick East to Christmas and I think I might have eaten most of all of them! (Sorry, guys!) Those biscuit sandwiches are ridiculously moreish (start only if you’re willing to finish!).  And the stollen was genuinely the best stollen I’ve ever had. The homemade marzipan seemed to be made with skin-on, toasted almonds and I loved the added flavour it gave, plus there were chunks of chocolate in the mix, too. I’m sincerely hoping they’ll be making it into January.

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