More of London plus Margate – ending and starting the years with cruffins! w/e Sunday 2nd January 2022

Sunset at the beach at Margate in Kent
Miel Bakery
  • Miel’s pastries are always a win and I was thrilled Shaheen opened in this strange in-between-week.
  • The zabaglione gelato from Gelatorino is one of my favourites and sharing it with people on the Ice Cream Tour or a private tour, if they’re so inclined, is always a highlight when it’s on the menu.

  • I loved the Floozie pistachio-filled vegan chocolate cookie, even if I only got the tiniest taste of it (it disappeared in my house before I got to try it properly!).
  • In Margate we went twice to Staple Stores. The cruffin was excellent, though lightly filled, but my favourite was the caramel hazelnut brownie. Of the underbaked kind but more chocolate than sugar, I loved it. Highly recommend the cinnamon bun (above), too.
Flotsam and Jetsam frites in Kent
Madeleines with almond cream at Barletta in Margate
Madeleines with almond cream at Barletta in Margate
  • The very last thing I ate in 2021 was one of my favorite things of the year. This claim might be influenced by the good company of my friend and the two glasses of very delicious orange wine (Kiss & Fly – check it out if you’re into orange wines!), but the brown butter madeleines with almond cream at Barletta at the Turner Museum on New Year’s Eve were the kind of food that makes you glad to be alive.
gingerbread cruffin from Grain & Hearth in Whitstable, Kent
  • Finally, on our way home on Sunday 2nd we stopped in Whitstable at Grain & Hearth and I demolished their Gingerbread Cruffin for my lunch, filled to bursting with a gentle gingery custard and the most crispy and crackly pastry around it. Click here to hear just how crispy and crackly.

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