The Sunny Spoon vegan patisserrie w/e Sunday 9th January

The Sunny Spoon Vegan Patisserie


Clarisse is back from maternity leave and making delicious vegan things again! You might find her in a Wimbledon market.

I wanted to buy from Clarisse of The Sunny Spoon before she lost access to the sheeter that’s been allowing her to make vegan viennoiserie. And I just made it in time! I also sampled some of her cookies

I did actually plan to start the podcast in January. I was really looking forward to saying “sheeter” on it. 😃

The Sunny Spoon Vegan Patisserie
  • My favourite of Clarisse’s pastries were the two stripy croissants: the homemade Nutella and the raspberry jam-filled one, and the cinnamon bun which was crispy and delicious and you’d never have missed the butter. 
  • On Friday, as my daughter slept in her pram – an unusual occurrence these days – I detoured for my favourite Ethiopian vegan food from Merkamo Ethiopian at Old Spitalfields Market. I really order it for the injera, though it all makes me feel like I’m bouncing with health. There must be at least 20 of the recommended 30 plant foods we should have in a week, just in the one box. If you don’t know what Injera is, I’ll record a podcast soon or you can visit this Instagram highlight saved especially for this! 
  • I stopped into Ramble Café on Sunday for a piece of their comforting homemade coffee and walnut cake. 
  • In advance of Karen making the chocolates for this month’s online Mystery Tasting, I finally opened the white chocolate bar of hers which I bought a few months ago. She buys in the dark chocolate but makes her own vegan mylk and white chocolates. They’re really impressive.

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