The 6 Best Places in Yorkshire for Chocolate

Florian Poriot Chocolates in Malton, North Yorkshire

Yorkshire is a beautiful county in the Northeast of England. It’s also the largest county in the UK and home to three of the most populous cities. There’s a fantastic food scene and here are some of the best places to visit for any chocolate lover.

Florian Poriot Chocolates in Malton, North Yorkshire
Florian Poriot Chocolates in Malton, North Yorkshire

Top Chocolate Spots in Yorkshire, England

  1. Tempt York , York
  2. Bullion Chocolate, Sheffield
  3. Florian Poirot, Malton, North Yorkshire
  4. Lauden, Leeds (not a shop, sorry!
  5. York Cocoa Story
  6. York Cocoa Works

1. Tempt York

Tempt York was founded by award-winning chocolatier Karen Waller in 2021. Everything is vegan and the vegan milk and white chocolate is made by her onsite. Truly creative flavours. I’m particularly in love with the chewy caramels. But also the pralines… and the ganaches…

2. Bullion Chocolate

Bullion is a chocolate factory and cafe in Sheffield. Max Scotford started the business in 2017 making three single origin bean to bar chocolates. They make some of the best brownies ever and their 50% milk chocolate is one of my favourites. Customers can visit to see the chocolate being made.

3. Florian Poirot

This eponymous shop is in a little courtyard in the market town of Malton in North Yorkshire, amongst other fabulous food business (I recommend the coffee from Roost). Florian uses Valrhona chocolate and makes his chocolates in the French style (for more on that listen to Episode 5 of the Podcast). Don’t go without also getting a chocolate and hazelnut cookie.

4. Lauden Chocolate

Lauden was started in 2007 by Sun Trigg and her husband Stephen. They have supplied British Airways First Class cabins. There’s no shop (yet?) but you’ll find their chocolates locally as well as online. Stephen competed on Great British Bake Offs – The Professionals and is the 2021 UK Chocolate Master.

5. York Chocolate Story

A fun hour or two for all the family from £13.50 for a child. An interactive journey through the history of chocolate with samples and a tempering demonstration. Right in the heart of York.

6. York Cocoa Works

A chocolate factory that is also right in the heart of York. York Cocoa Works runs workshops and tours of the factory, as well as a cafe and chocolate shop. Founder, Sophie Jewett, also organises the York Chocolate Festival over the Easter weekend.

York Cocoa Works
York Cocoa Works

If you know of any other great chocolatiers in Yorkshire, please let me know!

For more on the these businesses have a listen from Minute 10 (or listen from the beginning and hear how you can easily identify great chocolate):

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See how beautiful Yorkshire is?

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