Instagram Food That’s Worth The Hype

Top down view of rows of filled Bread Ahead Doughnuts

Top 29 Foods on Instagram that are actually DELICIOUS.

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Part of the reason I wanted to start this podcast and website was to help people who love food find the really good stuff, not just the stuff that looks good on Instagram or that you might see every food TikToker sharing online. It’s also why people buy my tours *cough*. 😘

After buying the Bread Ahead classic Salted Caramel Doughnut this week to satisfy a craving, I was thinking about how some “Instagram” foods – the ones that *everyone* seems to take a photo of – are actually worth the hype. The Bread Ahead doughnuts themselves are good, but the fillings of the Bread Ahead Doughnuts are really why they’re so delicious, as well as being why they’re so Instagrammable (and TikTok gold).

I thought I’d ask some of my friends who do a lot of eating and photographing which foods they also think live up to their social media ubiquitousness.

So, here are some of London’s Top Instagrammers’ thoughts on what food on Instagram is actually as good as it looks online:

London’s Top Foods That Look Good AND Taste Good …according to some people you should be following:

@eatnlondon (Duygu Cook)

@fowlmouthsfood (Melissa Thompson)

@eastlondonmornings (Katya Katkova)

@ks_ate_here (Kar-Shing Tong)

@tiffcooksalot (Tiffany Chang)

@felicityspector (Felicity Spector)

@theboywhobakes (Edd Kimber)

@ravneeteats (Ravneet Gill)

@rumbieshearer (Rumbie Shearer)

@nicolaalamb (Nicola Lamb)

  • The Honey Toast from Arome

@food_feels (James Thompson)

Anything to add? Did we miss a viral Instagram item or TikTok dish that blew up which you love?

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