Frozen Custard comes to Covent Garden

frozen custard by Secret Nicky's

Secret Nicky’s have brought the American staple, Frozen Custard to the lower level of Covent Garden

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Frozen Custard is like a cross between ice cream and gelato. It is a milk and cream base with egg yolks, rather than whole eggs, but the important factor is that it also tastes like custard.

Swirl of soft serve in a cup with a spoon and with the Covent Garden arched roof beyond.

Secret Nicky’s secret ingredient is Tonka Bean. This is a spice that’s outlawed in the USA without special permission due its hallucinogenic properties. But you’re safe.

You’d be sick from the ice cream before you saw visions! It’s the same with nutmeg.

Tonka is actually one of the main ingredients that gives vanilla essence its flavour. That’s why its taste will make you think of custard. It is vanilla-esque but a LOT cheaper than vanilla. I find it a little amusing that tonka is heralded as an exciting new flavour by lots of chocolatiers and chefs when it is “poor man’s vanilla”. But, it is loved by many for its delicate floral notes that are reminiscent not just of vanilla but a little of cinnamon and almond, too.

Tonka bean spice inside its pod.
The tonka bean inside it’s pod. You grate it like nutmeg.
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The Frozen Custard comes as a soft serve swirl with mix-ins and sauce or on top of half-baked cookie dough. The ice cream component is surprisingly refreshing and, with the cookie dough, it’s a delicious afternoon treat (or second breakfast, if you’re like me).

Find it downstairs at Covent Garden where you’ll be serenaded by opera singers and string quartets while you eat.

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