A quick lunch and dessert in Cambridge, UK

Hallouman mole halloumi tacos in Cambridge by Kings College

If you’re after a light lunch in Cambridge I’ve got the perfect street food and dessert for you.

Hallouman is run by a lovely man in Cambridge Market Square. Get the halloumi molé tacos. I think it’s £8 for 3. It is not huge but the sauces are homemade with care and they’re delicious.

Hallouman mole halloumi tacos in Cambridge by Kings College

Follow it with gelato from Jack’s Gelato. You cannot choose incorrectly here. There’s often a queue but you can pay online via the QR code outside and collect at the window and it’s genius and efficient.

Passionfruit, salt and chilli gelato from Jack's Gelato in Cambridge
Passionfruit, salt and chilli gelato from Jack’s Gelato in Cambridge

No judgment if you get the gelato first. We did.

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On our way home this time we stopped in Cambridge and a local friend recommended Hallouman, which is a street food vendor in Cambridge Market Square. He sells deep fried halloumi sticks but also serves them in soft tortillas with homemade guacamole and homemade mole, and they were superb. I feel like I should probably do a whole episode on mole because it is fascinating. You probably know it as a chocolate-based sauce or stew, marinade. But it is incredibly complex. Every recipe is different, and generally has as its base some nuts, bread, and tomatoes as well as chocolate and a tonne of spices and chilies. Of course, it’s all about the chilies. This was wonderful. The chocolate was just balanced with the salty, crunchy halloumi and I really recommend it. 


If you are stopping in Cambridge then you should undoubtedly also stop at Jack’s Gelato. Everything Jack makes is phenomenal. This time I had a passionfruit sorbet which was also with salt and chilli, just the tiniest bit of both that was perfectly in balance and really refreshing in the sunshine, although I did have to share it with my child. So little chilli that she was clearly fine. Although maybe she made an exception because it was ice cream. Who knows?

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