Two authentic street food options in London

Falafel pita at Balady in Leather Lane, London

If you’re after a light lunch in London here are two very quick and tasty options for you.

Curry on Naan Stop have a range of dosas, curries and street food snacks. It’s all delicious. It’s in Covent Garden so it’s priced like other lunches in Central London (£8-11v- if you head to the suburbs you’d get the same for £5-6) but it’s really fresh and well made and who doesn’t love a pun? You’ll find them downstairs in Seven Dials Market amongst many other options, perfect to eat with friends and I’ve already talked here about what to get there for dessert.

dosa at Curry on Naan stop

If you want something without spice (although chilli is optional and encouraged!), Balady have two locations in London and everything is so fresh and so brilliant. The chips look amazing. The falafel is green with herbs, crunchy and perfectly seasoned and the pickles and sauces and salads all round off into something wonderful. What you see below is £6.50. The wrap or lunch box versions are a bit more and so are the versions with cheese or cauliflower shawarma.

Falafel pita at Balady in Leather Lane, London
Falafel pita at Balady

I can also really recommend the falafel vendor on Earlham Street beside the ice cream shop, Udderlicious. It’s just a few steps from Seven Dials Market and the wraps are £4-5 for the basic options with delicious additions for £1 each.

What street food/ cheap eats do you love? Would you like to see more like this?

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