Excellent Kids’ Birthday Cakes in East London

rainbow birthday cake with unicorn for a 3 year old in East London

Here’s 2 of the best bakers and decorators of children’s birthday cakes if you’re in East London. Also good for wedding cakes and other celebrations!

My daughter just turned 3. My mind boggles sometimes that I have a daughter at all, let alone having had one for three years already.

We got off lightly with her first official party, by being invited to join her little friend’s party as a joint celebration. My only assignment was to bring a cake (thank you, Lupe!).

If I’d organised the whole party I might have made the cake myself but, I figured as it was my only contribution, it would be fairer if I called in the professionals.

I’d attended two kids’ parties in the preceding weeks and loved both the look and taste of both the cakes. In case you’re also organising a cake for a birthday party or a wedding or other celebration, and you’d like it to be beautifully and elaborately presented, then you should check out these two local East London businesses:

Heron’s Nest, South Woodford (Central Line)

Mamma Mae’s, Hackney

They both offer vegan options (or just egg free or just dairy free).

Green cake covered in animals.

They got a brief shout out on the podcast, too.

Or go and subscribe and download it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts! (It’s Episode 21.)

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