One of the Best Things I ate in Paris

A small, vanilla-flecked custard tart at a Boulangerie in Paris.

The Croustiflan

A small custard tart (flan) with a burnt top held in a hand in front of a yellow bakery.

In September I spent five full days in Paris, walking the city in the late summer sun and planning each day’s route around which patisseries to visit, along with playgrounds to keep my 3 year old happy (thankfully these are almost as omnipresent as the boulangeries).

You might already know that every single Paris Metro station has steps, so my plan tried to limit the number of times we went up and down.

I had a long list of locations from brilliant friends, as well as kind strangers on Instagram, and I’m currently working on a list of the best new patisseries in Paris, but in the meantime I wanted to share with you one of the unexpected, simple delights I stumbled upon by chance, which was one of my favourite things I ate on this trip:

An inside look at a vanilla-flecked custard tart (flan) with a burnt top held in a hand in front of a yellow sign. In Paris!

I don’t know if the Croustiflan is a thing across Paris, or unique to this boulangerie (bakery), but it was sublime and you need to go. Soft and silky vanilla flan (set custard) with a burnt top and a crunchy caramelised base. It’s a little messy to eat and impossible to travel with in the paper bag it gets handed to you in, but just go and get it and devour on the street. Parisians don’t usually eat on the street but it’s 100% worth any judgey looks you might get.

The bakery is Boulangerie-Pâtisserie Terroirs d’Avenir at 3 Rue du Nil, 75002, right opposite Plaq, a new(ish) bean to bar chocolate company which will be in the aforementioned list, because they have a small range of patisserie and also should be added to your list for your next trip to Paris!

PRICE IN SEPTEMBER 2022: 2.70 Euro each

Bon appetit!

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