The Best Products at the Casual Dining and Lunch! Food Trade Shows 2022

Hip Pop Drinks COPYRIGHT Jennifer Earle The Next Delicious Thing

Fascinating new food and drink products I tried at the Lunch! Food Show and the Casual Dining Show in September 2022

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I’ve come off podcast hiatus to record a special one-off podcast episode to cover all of the fascinating things I tried at these food trade shows at Excel in September 2022. I thought it would be easier to listen than read all of my thoughts on them and the fun facts that I always happen upon.

I’ve focused on products I haven’t spoken about before and, as always, might have missed some of the exhibitors, but I spent more than 7 hours at these two food shows so I think I covered good ground! If you think a product is missing from the list it’s possible I didn’t see it, but it’s more likely that I’ve spoken about it before or just didn’t think it was either interesting or delicious enough to share. Feel free to contact me if you want to check!

Here’s the list of products I talk about in the episode so tune into the podcast to hear more about why you might want to know about them:


Hü Chocolate – launched in the UK last year after launching in the US in 2013.

Ombar – not a new company but new packaging and new product


Jay & Joy – the best vegan cheese I’ve ever had, from Paris, of course.

Oddly Good – vegan dairy from a big dairy company – the Gouda slices were the ones to get for your grilled cheese needs.

The Coconut Collab – a whippable vegan double cream!


The Simple Root fabulous plant based cooking sauces and vegan cream cheese launched this year

Do Goodly – ambient plant based dips, excellent with:

Cradoc’s Vegetable Crackers (not a new company, but a good one)

Mezete Hummus – long shelf life, oil free, totally excellent

London Falafel – lots of varieties!


Redefine Meat – the “beef flank” was spooky in its likeness to actual beef.

The Curious Vegan Company launched in September 2022. I was so impressed by their ethos and the taste of their vegan sausages in particular, but all of their products.

LiMeatless – impressive plant based mince burgers.

EatPlanted (I’ve mentioned them before, I think)

Biff’s – began as a burger joint in East London. Now products in Waitrose


Hip Pop Drinks – kombucha and sparkling apple cider vinegar drinks

Holos Kombucha

The London Essence – a specialist bar tap for tonic and flavoured soda which will reduce the amount of glass transported to, and stored in, bars. Follows the soda stream style model of flavouring, with excellent results.


Joe & Seph’s have launched bagged popcorn and the sweet & salty is great – more indulgent than competitors but less indulgent than their signature salted caramel popcorn.

Urban Fruit – mango pieces soaked in passionfruit & lime plus their baked blueberries. Try them!

Eva Bold – female owned, sweet & savoury cracker company

JNCK biscuits that meet the HFSS guidelines.

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