6 Excellent Chocolate Advent Calendars for 2022

Chocolatia Artisan Chocolate Advent Calendar 2022

PRE-ORDERS for most of these Artisan Chocolate Advent Calendars CLOSE THIS WEEK. And some of them TODAY.

Here are six chocolate advent calendars (plus two bonus suggestions) that I wish I was getting. These are all by companies at least co-owned by women. This wasn’t a prerequisite, but is a happy bonus for me.

First, some notes on these fabulous UK CHOCOLATE ADVENT CALENDARS:

  1. I haven’t actually been sent or sampled any of them. (Sadly.) My recommendations are based on having enjoyed chocolate from all of these makers before, and I am confident that the makers are still:
  2. All using EXCELLENT chocolate – no cheap Belgian chocolate (which is actually not that cheap, but it is compared to the chocolate these companies use).
  3. They’re also really lovely people who work really hard and care about ethics and quality.
  4. Three of the 6 Advent Calendars are vegan / have a vegan option. 
  5. One comes in a 12 piece option in case you just want to do “The 12 Days of Christmas” instead (budgets, sigh) and in one Advent Calendar all 24 chocolates are DIFFERENT. Maybe this is less good if you’re not a sharer… 

Without further ado:

Here are my top picks for Chocolate Advent Calendars for 2022

  1. The Most Expensive One.Gabriella Cugno. Gabriella has only made chocolates for holiday seasons lately, though hopefully that will change so her products sell out quickly when she makes a drop. I bought her Easter Egg this year and loved it. You can see that on Instagram here or TikTok here or YouTube.
    £55 + postage for 24 chocolates (2 X 12).
  2. The Last Chance to Ever Have Her Chocolates

    Nibblette. Shaoni is packing up her tempering tools after this Christmas. She makes truly incredible chocolates that are multi-layered (some of them) and beautifully balanced. I’m really sad she won’t be making anymore.
    * There’s a plant based option, too, and I can tell you that they won’t be a compromise.
    £49.50 + postage for 24 chocolates (2 X 12)
  3. The Fully Vegan, Bean-to-Bar One.
    This is not mini bars of chocolate but there might be some solid chocolates amongst the caramels and other enrobed deliciousness in Luisa Vegan Chocolates’s £26 Artisan Advent Calendar. Luisa’s chocolates are fully vegan (I didn’t need to say that, did I?) and everything is made from the bean where she works as closely with farmers as possible and it’s incredibly ethical environmentally, economically and socially.£26 + postage for 24 chocolates (could be 15+ different flavours) https://luisasveganchocolates.co.uk/collections/featured/products/artisan-advent-calendar
  4. The One with the 12 Day Option
    I love that Chloe of Chocolatia in Scotland is providing a 12 day option so that people can still eat incredible chocolate without necessarily having to hand over so much money at once (don’t get me wrong I know the costs of ingredients, packaging and labour so I think all of these advent calendars are fair prices!). I love Chloe’s chocolates.£25 for 12 day and £48 for 24 day (2 X 12 chocolates) + postagehttps://www.chocolatia.co.uk/product-page/chocolatia-advent
  5. The One where Every Chocolate is Different!
    Little House Dorset are so inventive! Every month they produce a different set of chocolates and they’re pushing it out for this year and making all 24 a different flavour. There’s a good chance they might decide that’s not worth the extra headache next year so if this is a factor for you then off you go!
    £48 + postage for 24 different chocolates.https://www.thelittlehousedorset.com/product-page/luxury-chocolate-advent-calendar-1
  6. One from the Academy of Chocolate Rising Stars of 2016 Eponine’s married founders Chris and Natalie are chocolate purists and they’ve won a raft of Gold, Silver and Bronzes from the Academy of Chocolate over the years.
    * Also a fully vegan option here too! And eco-friendly packaging.
    £40 + postage for 24 chocolates (2 X 12 flavours)

And a special bonus chocolate advent calendar suggestion:

  1. Chococo Chocolates box of 25 Christmas Chocolates is £26 and all the flavours are different. Clare and Andy Burnett founded Chococo in 2002 and they are the nicest people who work so hard to make their company as ethical as possible so there’s no “cheap Belgian chocolate” here either.
    I’m not sure this one has windows to open so if that’s a priority for you then this isn’t the one for you. But at least they’ve passed on the savings in packaging for not having a perforated lid!
    £26 + postage for 25 different chocolates. https://www.chococo.co.uk/box-adv-cla.html

And another non-chocolate advent calender suggestions:

  1. Popham’s Bakery Advent Calendar. This one is only going to work for people who live near to one of three Popham’s Bakery locations but each day is a tear-off voucher to go and get something from the bakery (like a spiced chai latte or their incredible mince pie). You can use them for a period beyond the day you tear it off and there’s a max number of vouchers in one visit, but it’s clever of them and great if you’re a Popham’s fan and local. I had one given to me by a friend one year and loved it. 
    £42 for 24 vouchers woth over £100 redeemed in store by 15th February, 2 vouchers are Hackney Foodbank Donations.

That’s it! I put this together pretty quickly so if you want to recommend others in the comments or plug your own, please go ahead!

P.S. On the topic of vouchers, did I mention that any gift vouchers for Chocolate Ecstasy Tours bought before the end of the year will be valid until the end of September 2023? No? They will! Hurrah.

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