I went to 50 Bakeries, Patisseries, Chocolate Shops and Gelaterias in Melbourne

Pain au Chocolat at Small Batch Bakery in Melbourne

Some of these were cafes, but all were baked in-house.

I started this post back in March and then… well, better late than never!

I couldn’t believe how many it was when I finally wrote them all down in one place.

Hello again!

It might look like it’s been a while, but I’m actually still writing every week. It’s just over at Substack now. Which is exciting. Exciting because it feels like a network but in a much less urgent, attention-seeking way that Instagram and TikTok and Facebook are. Though you’ll find me on those sites, too. I was quite active on Instagram and TikTok and YouTube and hopefully will be again soon, too!

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I thought I’d say hello again here, partly to let you know, but also to keep a public list of all of the places I went in Melbourne so you could share it with people. I wrote three consecutive newsletters on the best bakeries and patisseries in Melbourne, as I went to them, but I wanted to record a full list of all of the ones I went to and highlight a few that I think are must-visits.

Here are the detailed posts:

The best Melbourne Bakeries Part 1

The best Melbourne Bakeries Part 2

The best Melbourne Bakeries & Patisseries Part 3

Where to eat in Melbourne 


  1. Not having a video doesn’t mean I didn’t love it, but if there’s a video I probably did.
  2. A few of these places I absolutely wouldn’t recommend you visit.
  3. Two of the places in the list were all over social media whilst I was there, which kind of makes me slump to witness the desire for attention trumping sharing what’s actually good. Or maybe these influencers don’t have a good sense of taste? *cough* share my taste.
  4. I won’t tell you which ones here because maybe I went on an off day and I’m not here to publicly disparage any small business. The aim is to promote them! You might love them if you go.
  5. The links go to more or less the same video on social media – for some reason some were removed from YouTube. The captions on Social Media will have more details – like the address and whether they have seats – so you can go ahead and save them to your folders there.

Here goes… And apologies in advance I didn’t make it West of the city except to go to the zoo and the airport (neither featured in this list, funnily enough).

30 of Melbourne’s Bakeries you might want to visit

In random order…

1. Zelda (Ripponlea)  / Zelda Bakery on Instagram / Zelda on TikTok

2. Falco (Collingwood)

3. To be Frank (Collingwood)

4. Loafer (North Fitzroy)

5. Small Batch (North Melbourne)

6. Babka (Fitzroy)

7. Tarts Anon (Cremorne / Collingwood)

8. Baker Bleu (Prahran / Caulfield North)

9. Holy Sugar (Thornbury)

Holy Sugar bakery by Audrey

10. Bread Club 

11. Montforte Viennoiserie (Carlton) / Montforte on YouTube

12. Flour House (Highett, South East Melbourne)

13. Kudo (CBD) (GLUTEN FREE!)

14. Lune Croissanterie / Lune on Instagram

15. All Are Welcome (Northcote and other locations)

16. Artisanal Bakehouse / Artisan Bakehouse on Instagram

17. Little Sister Bakery (Caulfield) / Little Sister Bakery on Instagram

18. Fuumi Fuumi

19. Ovens St Bakery / Oven St Bakery on Instagram

20. Little Cardigan (Brunswick)

21. Tori’s Bakery (CBD) (cakes and canelé, not bread or croissants) / Tori’s on Instagram

22. Raya (cakes and cookies, not bread or croissants)

23. Tokyo Lamington (Carlton North)

24. Bakemono Bakers

25. Shortstop Doughnuts (CBD and other locations)

26. Wildlife Bakery

27. Woodfrog Bakery

On this visit I didn’t go to classics Baker di Chirico, Rustica or Brunetti’s.

Melbourne Patisserie

Some of these could easily have been in the Bakery list and vice versa…

1. Sucre du Jour (Camberwell) / Sucre du Jour on YouTube

2. Le Yeahllow (South Yarra) / Le Yeahllow on TikTok (different video to the one below, shows what I bought)

3. Agathe Patisserie

4. Eclair (Hampton)

5. Bibelot (South Melbourne)

6. Millstone Patisserie (Caulfield)

7. Coco’s Patisserie (Caulfield) (I only tried croissants from here that my friend collected)

8. AM Patisserie (I feel like it’s only viennoiserie though)

9. JC Patisserie (Collingwood)

Melbourne Coffee Shops that have exclusive baked goods

1. Oka Coffee

2. Otherwise coffee for brownie

3. Bakemono

4. Red Door (Thornbury) / Red Door on YouTube

5. Industry Beans 

6. Paperboy Coffee (Hampton)

7. Market Lane Coffee

8. Sebastien’s Food & Wine (Hampton)

Melbourne Bean to Bar Chocolate Shops

1. Ratio Chocolate (Brunswick)

2. Atypic Chocolate (South Melbourne Market)

Gelato and Ice Cream in Melbourne

1. Pidapipó

2. Piccolina

3. Kariton Sorbetes  (CBD)

4. Luther’s Scoops (Brunswick)

I’ll be back again in January 2024 – let me know if there’s anywhere I missed that I should visit, or where you love the most!

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