The Next Delicious Thing

by Jennifer Earle

A weekly newsletter and sometimes podcast with the best things to taste in London, edited and hosted by Jennifer Earle.

Jen is always on the hunt for the next delicious thing. She started London’s first food tour business, Chocolate Ecstasy Tours, in 2005 and, alongside running the tours and growing the business, she spent several years working as a food buyer and food developer for major UK retailers. She is on the Grand Jury for the Academy of Chocolate Awards and judges for various other food awards.

Jen spends most of her time searching and tasting for this blog and podcast. She offers private bespoke tours for London food lovers or visitors, a service curating a list of food places to visit especially for you, and consults to retailers and manufacturers on innovation and trends. She’s also available for private online chocolate tastings and after-dinner talks – which are usually combined with tasting eye-opening chocolate.

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