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Top down view of rows of filled Bread Ahead Doughnuts

Instagram Food That’s Worth The Hype

Part of the reason I wanted to start this podcast and website was to help people who love food find the really good stuff, not just the stuff that looks good on Instagram or that you might see every food TikToker sharing online. This week I speak to some of London’s top food influencers to find out which foods deserve the hype.

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Creme Brûlée Crepe by Boolay Crepes

If you’re vegan and missing Ikea meatballs…

That is a delicious crepe cone filled with custard. It’s not vegan. You should read on to find out more.

And I will also tell you about a tiny little vegan Scandinavian deli that opened four months ago near Liverpool Street Station! It’s run by a lovely man and, well, you need to go and visit.

I’ve also got to tell you about an incredible chocolate tart and some chillis you need in your pantry….

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Great Taste Awards

What does a Great Taste Award mean?

I sit down with the Guild of Fine Food’s Operations and Marketing Director, Christabel Cairns, to let you know more about the Great Taste Awards and why you should care. Whether you’re a producer, buyer or consumer.

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Florian Poriot Chocolates in Malton, North Yorkshire

The 6 Best Places in Yorkshire for Chocolate

Yorkshire is a beautiful county in the Northeast of England. It’s also the largest county in the UK and home to three of the most populous cities. There’s a fantastic food scene and here are some of the best places to visit for any chocolate lover…

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