by Jennifer Earle

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9 New Places for Patisserie in Paris

Paris brims with patisseries and each year manages to open even more outstanding ones. Here’s my top 9 of places that opened between 2019 and 2022 serving the best patisserie worth travelling to Paris for.

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One of the Best Things I ate in Paris

I don’t know if this is a thing across Paris, or unique to this Boulangerie (bakery), but it was sublime and you need to go. Soft and silky vanilla flan (set custard) with a caramelised base and top. It’s pretty messy to eat and impossible to travel with in the paper bag it gets handed…

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15 Easy Ways To Reduce Food Waste in London

n this week’s podcast (also on YouTube) I chat to my friend Chloë Stewart, the founder of Nibsetc, a company which upcycles food waste into delicious, nutritious snacks, about what we can do to help combat food waste.

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5 of the Best Restaurants in Istanbul

These are the 5 best restaurants in Istanbul I went to in July 2022. One of them we even went to twice. Interestingly it was noticeably better at lunch than dinner, but still great. And two of the five restaurants will be opening in London this year!

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Why the Portuguese make so many Custard Tarts

Did you know that in order to make sure wine is clear – and with none of the pieces that naturally occur in the sediment: parts of the grape skins or stalks, for example – it has to go through a process of refining and filtering. The wine sediment – also known as “lees” settles…

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